Q: How do I post a classified ad using SuperAds?


A: Posting a classified ad on SuperAds can be achieved in a few easy steps, first:


Be sure to review the website Terms of Use especially provided sections about “Prohibited Items and Services” and the “No Spam Policy”, then:


Select the ‘Post Ad Free’ option near the top of the page in the website menu

1)      Select the most suitable category to place your classified

2)      Enter your ad description and select/upload your images (images are not absolutely required, but are strongly recommended)

3)       Choose the Place My Ad button


Q: Why do I need to provide an email address when posting a classified ad?


A: An email address is required for several reasons. The primary reason an email address is necessary is because you may receive a confirmation email that is sent to ensure that your email address is legitimate (this is meant to deter spam).

The email address you provide is also the email address that interested parties will be contacting you with via the Email Seller button.

Your email address will be registered to the classified, when you provide an email address and a password, you can access your ad under the My SuperAds > My Posted ads area to edit or delete your ad.


Q: After posting my ad, I can’t find it on the site? Why did my ad disappear/why was it removed?


A: Our system automatically flags some ads for manual revision by a moderator before being entered into our system. This can happen for several reasons (website links, key words, identical ad postings, etc). We do this primarily to make sure people aren’t posting things they shouldn’t be. Thanks for your patience. This will be indicated in a message displayed above newly posted ads:





Q: If my ad has been flagged for review, how long will it take before it shows up on the website?


A:  This can depend solely on the amount of ads that have been flagged for review across the SuperAds system. If you post an ad Friday evening, or over the weekend, and it is flagged for review, you may not see your classified active on the site until the next business day.  Thank you for your patience.


Q: How long will my ad be shown on the website?


A: Your ad will be shown on the website up to 30 days after the posting date (ex. If you post a classified ad on September 19, it will be available until October 19).


Q: How do I make changes (edit) or remove (delete) my classified ad?


A: To edit or delete your classified, log in to your account, select My SuperAds in the site menu, then choose My Posted Ads. You will see the Edit and Delete options to the right site of your item listing:



Q: How do I contact a seller on your website?


A: There are two options to contact a seller on Superads, the first is to contact the seller via telephone (if they chose to provide a phone number, however this is not required to post a classified ad):

The second option is to contact the seller using the Email Seller hyperlink, located below the ad image, location, and date/time details. An email address is required in order for classified ads to be posted.



*In the event an ad poster is not communicative, unfortunately there’s not much we can do if they do not respond to your inquiries. We also do not have any more contact information than what is provided in the classified ad. Emails asking SuperAds for more contact information about any particular ad/poster may be ignored.



Q: Someone posts a bad/suspicious classified ad, or they posted it in the wrong area, what should I do?


A: If someone posted a suspicious, offensive, or misplaced classified ad, you can use the “Report this ad” option near the top right of the ad page:



Q: How many times can I post my ad?


A: Ads should only be placed once, in their appropriate category, on the SuperAds website that best reflects your geographic region.


Q: There’s a classified on this website that almost seems too good to be true, how can I find out if the ad is legitimate or not?


A: SuperAds does not monitor or control users who may sell or buy on the classifieds, nor we review (ie. item condition, registered businesses, etc.) or validate listings, items, or services offered for sale.  We have an information page set up that you can view for more info for ways you can help avoid internet fraud, see the anti- scam message



Q: How can I change my registered email address or password?


A: To change your registered email address or password, select My SuperAds from the website menu, then choose My Account Info in the drop down menu that appears.  You can make changes to your account details here. Be sure to save your changes!


Q: I forgot my username or password, is there any way for me to retrieve this information?


A: If you’re having difficulty recalling your username or password, use the “Forgot Password” hyperlink on the log in screen.  You can provide your registered email address or enter your username into the provide fields, and you will be sent an email which will gain you access to a password change page.


If you’re having difficulty with this tool, as last resort you can email us requesting your credentials. This information will ONLY be provided to the registered email address of a username.


Q: Is there any way for me to close my account?


A: Though you can discontinue use of your SuperAds account at any time, your account can only be closed from the admin side.  If you would like for this to be done, please contact us via your registered email address requesting this change. You will be asked to confirm your account closure, after we receive a confirmation email we can begin tidying things up and taking care of any loose ends.


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